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Description of Tide (from google play)

Times, heights and tidal coefficients over 100 French ports and a few ports in Britain.

Application made from the harmonic constants provided by Previ Mer.

It is completely autonomous: the internet connection is only used for updates and for displaying maps.

No advertising. No use of geolocation data outside the application and only to locate the nearest port.

All displayed local time, are in the summer and winter hours.

The menu is used to calculate the tides and to give specifics on a day or month to choose from.

Choose your own threshold (minimum height for sailing or fishing for maximum distance).

List the tides in a selected period and possibly store schedules low tides in your diary

Enter a head of water and set schedules for which it will be reached or for such time before any water depth.

You can edit tables and marigrams with your printer

Ask possibly other ports.

Thank you to share your comments to further improve the application.

Version history Tide
New in maree.tools 5.53
Development and debugging tool change
New in maree.tools 5.50
Localization warning compliance
New in maree.tools 5.48
St Helier modification
New in maree.tools 5.47
Adding ports
New in maree.tools 5.46
Adding ports
New in maree.tools 5.45
System compliance
New in maree.tools 5.44
Add port
New in maree.tools 5.42
Add port
New in maree.tools 5.41
Add a port
New in maree.tools 5.40
Debug if low tide at 0h
New in maree.tools 5.39
translate in italian
New in maree.tools 5.38
update port name
New in maree.tools 5.37
Debug Android targetversion 29
New in maree.tools 5.31
update widgets 2x1 and 4x1
New in maree.tools 5.30
Tidal range informations
menu --> Tidal range
New in maree.tools 5.28
Adding port
visualization of the position on the map
New in maree.tools 5.25
Upgrading obsolete functions
New in maree.tools 5.24
Timing widget 4x3 modification
New in maree.tools 5.23
Debug and widget modification
New in maree.tools 5.22
Debug and Modification widget 4x1bis
New in maree.tools 5.19
Add port, debug
New in maree.tools 5.18
Title setting. editing modification
New in maree.tools 5.17
New management authorizations creation files, display today
New in maree.tools 5.16
New port. Ability to change the edit file
New in maree.tools 5.14
Debug geolocal Authorization management
New in maree.tools 5.13
New in maree.tools 5.12
Adjustable average levelAbility to record all high tides without selectionNo geolocation possibility if service is not available on the terminaldebug
New in maree.tools 5.11
Ajout niveau moyen paramétrablePossibilité d'enregistrer toutes les grandes marées sans sélectionPas de possibilité géolocalisation si service absent sur terminalDebug
New in maree.tools 5.9
Ajout niveau moyen paramétrablePossibilité d'enregistrer toutes les grandes marées sans sélection
New in maree.tools 5.8
Prise en compte des écrans en position paysage. Ajout de ports.
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